Thank you for your interest in our R/C Flight Training services, offered at EAGLE R/C Flight School in Keystone Heights, FL (about 35 miles S.W. from Jacksonville).

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.         

Questions to Consider

1. Have your flying skills stalled?
2. Are you comfortable making    
   left or right turns?
3. Are you experiencing visual
4. Have you crashed and are unsure
   why or what happened?
5. Do you practice recovery skills?
6. Do you recognize low risk vs high
   risk flying?
7. Do you crash more than you want?
8. Are you comfortable landing?
                      Contact us:
                        EAGLE R/C Flight School
Office:  (904) 410-2421

We have worked with over 1500 hundred  pilots since 1989, some to refine landing skills and others that have had severe visual disorientation problems and ready to give up, to help them get rid of bad habits, and to stop crashing. Our training method has a proven history of success and fun.