Since our training is customized for the student our schedule is more flexible than other schools that offer a more regimented approach. It's our opinion that pilots need to fly and fly is what we do. As we apply a boot camp approach to training. We fly you as much as you can take and when we see mental fatigue or your flying starts to digress we take a break.
    Our typical day we start flying before 8am till noon,
then you get 1-2 hrs for lunch, then we fly till 4 to 5 PM.
In 7+hrs in the field you will stay in the air 3-4hrs flying, that's how we can complete our 20 hour course (10hrs flying) 2.5 to 3 days, compare our flying to other schools.
Please call or e-mail for Flight Training availability
Contact us at:
EAGLE RC Flight School
PO Box 1845
Keystone Heights, FL 32656