Contact us at:     EAGLE R/C Flight School
                              PO Box 1845
   Keystone Heights, FL 32656
                     Office: (904) 410-2421
We believe that anyone can  learn to Fly R/C Airplanes or Helicopters without crashing.  Our flight training is focused on development of solid skills, and flight proficiency standards that compare to “Full Scale”
training, which is  unheard of in Radio Controlled Aircraft training. We can develop a level of skill in 3 to 5 days that might otherwise take months or years to accomplish.
We are patient and understanding to the fear of crashing, and doubt that students deal with especially if they have crashed a few aircraft already.  Our instruction is encouraging and supportive of the student as we keep in mind when we were the trainee and not the trainer.
Our flight instruction is patterned after “Full Scale Training”.  That requires a level of flight proficiency that must be attained in order to avoid the accepted myth that you must crash to learn, and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on destroyed aircraft and equipment.