Our Radio Controlled 20 Hour
Airplane Course

Our objective is for student pilots to complete 100 to 300 + landings with any r/c aircraft. To perform takeoff departure stalls and landing approach stalls along with unusual attitude recovery and minimal speed. We will fly in wind conditions that will ground most pilots (20+ mph), and learn correct techniques for flying in windy conditions, as the wind affects pilots more than the aircraft. All of our r/c pilots learn to fly both right and left traffic patterns. Also, how to handle the (Dead Stick) engine out landing with confidence and consistency with no panic. You will learn hands-on engine tuning and troubleshooting along with preflight checks and starting procedures. After our r/c flight training course you will have the skill, knowledge and confidence to continue your development as a Miniature Aviator, and will be able to fly your radio controlled aircraft with skill and precision.
Basic Airplane - 5 hr Course
Total Flying Time - 2.5 hrs$300.00

Basic Airplane - 10 hr Course
Total Flying Time - 5 hrs   $500.00

Basic Airplane - 20 hr Course
Total Flying Time - 10 hrs $750.00
(best value)

Our Guarantee

  • Learn to fly your aircraft without crashing it.
  • Start learning the "Full Scale Approach" the very first flight.

  • Fly from 2 to 4 hours per day and in wind 20+ mph.

  • Become a solo r/c pilot in the least possible time!

And it's all GUARANTEED!!

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Contact us at:
EAGLE RC Flight School
PO Box 1845
Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Office: (904) 410-2421
Email:  teacheagle3@aol.com