Our “Full Scale” approach to radio control helicopter flight training applies standards that compare to FAA guidelines for pilot flight proficiency. That the pilot in command (student) must always be in control/command of the helicopter and demonstrate skills to recover from unusual attitudes without mishap or crashing. 

Our training is focused on building solid skills not just a few uneventful flights that might give you a false sense of confidence. Many R/C helicopter pilots never develop good emergency skills. The result is when they become visually disoriented they lack the skill/ability to get the helicopter back under control and avoid crashing. We allow and teach our students how to recover from visual disorientation and mis-controlling the helicopter. Your instructor will coach you through actual flight experiences to recover and regain control of the helicopter so you will learn how to avoid crashing and develop the attitude and skills of a Miniature Aviator, and not just a casual modeler or hobbyist that accepts crashing. 

This course will include: Helicopter setup, engine tuning, flight trimming, restricted hovering, side to side hovering, multi position hovering, altitude hovering 25-50ft., controlled hover flight, tail in recovery, power up recovery and altitude recovery 25-50ft. We have tested various methods of helicopter setup some more effective than others. We can custom setup a helicopter for any pilot regardless of skill or age and guarantee success where others might have failed. 
The cost and frustration of crashing has caused many pilots to give up with out having much Fun if any, consider a investment in professional training
Compared to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs/replacements.
Basic Helicopter 5 Hr Course
Total Flying Time - 2.5 hrs$500.00
Basic Helicopter 10 Hr Course
Total Flying Time - 5 hrs          $750.00
Basic Helicopter - 20hrs. Course
Total Flying Time - 10 hrs.$950.00
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EAGLE R/C Flight School                  Office (904) 410-2421
Email: teacheagle3@aol.com
Link to: http://www.rchelicopter.com
10 hr Advanced Helicopter/UAV                 $1,000.00
Total Flying Time - 5 hrs

20 hr Advanced Helicopter/UAV                 $1,200.00
Total Flying Time - 10 hrs

Helicopters used for Flight Training