1. We Guarantee You will have an instructor!
   No more showing up at the field hoping an instructor will show   
   up. Once you schedule a training session with us, you know you   
   will be flying/training at that time.
2. We Guarantee Your instructor's full attention!
   During your schdeduled training time, the instructor will dedicate 
   time to teaching you to fly. You won't have to wait while he chats 
   with buddies or gets in a couple flights with his own plane. He will 
   be there solely to train you.
3. We Guarantee to protect Your aircraft!
   Any damage incurred during flight training is our responsiblity. EAGLE   
   Miniature  Aviation will be responsible for our students' aircraft during 
   training. After all, if an instructor isn't good enough to keep you from 
   crashing, he shouldn't be teaching! (The sole exception is damage due 
   to radio failure, the one thing that no amount of skill can avoid.)
4. We Guarantee You will be satisfied!
    We train, and charge on a complete course (best value), or lesson-by- 
    lesson  basis. If, at any time you are not satisfied, you are under    
    absolutely no obligation to continue lessons or payment.
Contact us at:
EAGLE RC Flight SchoolPhone:   904-410-2421
PO Box 1845
Keystone Heights, FL 32656
Email:  teacheagle3@aol.com